Woman Tries to Hire Dark Web Hitman

Woman Arrested After Paying $10K in BTC for Darknet Hitman Service

Tina Jones, a 31-year-old Nurse from Illinois who was arrested for an attempt to hire a...
USPS Chuck The Sniffer Arrested

Postal Worker ‘Chuck the Sniffer’ Sentenced after Stealing Drugs

"Chuck the Sniffer", a Postal Worker who gained a reputation for his ability to...
Interview with Tochka Market admin

Interview with the Admin of Tochka Market

Tochka Market, also known as Point Market, is an international darknet market that's been online since January 2015, making Tochka one of the longest running darknet markets to date. 

How ItalianMafiaBrussels was Beaten by a Controlled Delivery

Leonardo Cristea, 22, a citizen of Romania received a three year sentence in the...
UK Gov Invest 50 Million to Fighting Dark Web Crime

UK Gov Invest £50m Funding for Fighting Darknet Crime

Amber Rudd, Homeland Secretary of the UK announced that a new primary focus will be cracking down on crime related to the dark web, including Darknet Markets. 
LE Recover 600 pills of ecstasy in drug bust

Law Enforcement Intercept Package Containing Over 600 Ecstasy Pills

A package containing over 600 pills of ecstasy pills was intercepted by the United States Postal Service and Homeland Security during an investigation in the town of Madison Wisconsin this week.

Man Arrested After Having 1Kilo of Amphetamine Shipped to his Grandmothers Home

Dominik S. of Weilheim will be spending the next 2 years behind bars for...
BlackMarketReloaded Arms Dealer Sentenced

BlackMarketReloaded Firearms Dealer, CherryFlavor, Sentenced

Gerren Johnson, age 29, better known by his darknet market vendor alias "CherryFlavor" has...
Oxygod Arrested

Vendor OXYGOD Arrested for Counterfeit Opioids

Oygod, the popular Dream Market vendor, has been arrested. A several months long investigation into the distribution of counterfeit opioids has led to the rest of three California residents.
Bitcoin used for Laundering Drug Money

Bitcoin User Arrested for Laundering Drug Money

Thomas Mario Costanzo of Mesa, Arizona, also known by his online username as Morpheus...