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 Point Market Invite URL:  http://pointgg344ghbo2s.onion/auth/register/6a31b60d91fd494c4252eb7d0012d30b
 Number of Listings:  10,485
 Security Features:  Mulisig, 2FA, Escrow, Vendor PGP
 Vendor Bond:  Free | $50USD for Premium | $100 USD for Premium+

Tochka Market Notes:

Point Market (originally Tochka Free Market) is a newer darknet market, but based on a unique design and loaded with a beautiful feature-rich platform.  Point Market is based on the idea of allowing vendors and buyers to make seamless transactions without any communication whatsoever.

Not happy with your purchase? Get your money back.  You can even opt to do a local drop and pick your product up at a hidden location rather than relying on the postal service.  Point Market is an invite-only darknet market and you can register an account by following the link above.

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Tochka Market 2017 Review and Tutorial Video

Tochka Market Rules

Tochka is a marketplace platform that provides services for both buyers and vendors. Marketplace administration helps to resolve controversial situations, disputes and maintains order and friendly atmosphere.

By registering and using Marketplace you agree, that you have read, understood, and willing to follow marketplace rules. Administration may change or update following rules at any moment without notification.

General rules


  • Harmful and life-threatening substances and items such as weapons, poisons, and explosives
  • Porn
  • Secret government documents
  • Disclosing personal information
  • Spamming, flaming, and flooding on the forum and the Marketplace
  • Nationalism, antisemitism and other kinds of user discrimination
  • Any attempts to deanonymize users
  • Hidden or open advertisement of another markets and sites
  • Discussing Marketplace’s rules and actions
  • Taking names that look like vendor’s names or that could be considered offensive to other users
  • Using software that could harm Marketplace or its users

Vendor rules

The vendor can begin trading only after filling all necessary information

A detailed description of items, prices, shop rules and his additional requirements. This info should be up to date and renewed if necessary.
Item pictures should be of an actual items vendor is selling. Ideally, they should contain a piece of paper with an inscription of marketplace or vendor name.


  • Leaving any hints that could reveal receiver’s address, methods of transporting, or images on the open sections of marketplace.
  • Selling drugs by fictional names.
  • Selling one drug instead of another. This is considered a fraud and will be punished by permanent ban.
  • Selling anything bypassing Marketplace.

Buyer rules

By purchasing from a vendor, you agree with his rules, which you can find on vendor’s details page. We ask you to read vendor’s rules very carefully before purchasing.
When pre-ordering, buyer must specify the place, time, address and quantity of stuff by himself.

When buyer chooses to purchase an item via mail shipping, he deals with a vendor on his own, specifying address and his personal information. In these kind of deals administration do not have any responsibility for quality, quantity, possible scam or difference with the item’s description.

How to Sell on Tochka Market

How to set up a Vendor account on Tochka Market

Opening a vendor account on Tochka is free, but a free vendor account only grants limited privileges. To use the site to its full potential, consider purchasing Premium or Premium+ accounts.

  • Go to settings/profile page and fill in your store description, refund and shipping policies so that your customers will know you and your products.
  • Go to settings/contacts page and fill in your contacts
  • Go to settings/payments and set up your auto-withdrawal wallet address where the funds will land after each successful sale. Whether you choose not to fill out auto-withdrawal wallet funds will land in your on-site wallet. If you choose to use multisig make sure to fill in the public key of your multisig signer wallet.
  • Go to settings/encryption and set up a PGP public key. Buyers won’t be able to send you encrypted messages if you don’t set this up. It’s a good idea to set up Two-Factor Authentication, or 2-FA for short. With this enabled, the market software will ask you to sign a short, random message every time you log in.

Listing items

For every item you list, it’s possible to define packages. A package is a certain configuration for an item, such as “12g of MDMA”. Packages are usually predetermined quantities of the given item.

There are four kinds of packages:

  1. Mail Classic over-the-mail delivery.
  2. Digital Instant delivery for digital items.
  3. Dead drop Stealth delivery method for local purchases. Pre-order Stealth delivery pre-ordering.
  4. Service Jobs, Services, etc

Use the appropriate package type for your item. Set your quantity and price.

How to accept orders

You will see your orders on the “Orders” page. Order can have one of following statuses:

PENDING buyer has initiated a purchase and marketplace is waiting for coins to land on escrow address.
FAILED buyer has initiated a purchase but hasn’t paid for it. PENDING orders are failed after 12 hours if not paid for.
COMPLETED buyer has paid for a purchase and coins are in escrow. The vendor is obligated to send a purchase at this point.
RELEASED coins are released from escrow. This happens automatically after 7 days after purchase is made or if buyer releases coins via FE (only on PREMIUM and PREMIUM+ accounts).
FROZEN purchases are in dispute mode. You can freeze a purchase by contacting support and describing your situation.

Multisig orders

Tochka does support 2-of-3 multisig orders for PREMIUM vendors at 0% commission. To accept multisig payments you have to have your multisig signer wallet public key filled in on your settings/payments page. When a multisig order is finalized vendor gets a market private key. If an order is canceled then the buyer gets the key.

How to Buy from Tochka Market

Please read this guide on how to operate on Tochka. This guide will help you purchase things on Tochka. It’s very important that you have read and understood every step.


Use VPN Service

Every time you use your computer your IP address is shown which reveals your actual physical address which means you can be traced very easily. A VPN must be used along with Tor (Tor is the free browser explained below) to make your online activity anonymous. When using a VPN Service it will hide your identity and location while also encrypting all of your internet traffic from everyone including your internet service provider. This technology will also protect you from identity theft and hacking when using free wifi because everything is encrypted. Anytime you are searching for music, movies to download, pirated content, drugs or anything illegal then you should be using a VPN to fly under the radar. The law is trying to monitor everything we do now so don’t make it easy for them, don’t end up like the original mastermind of Silk Road and get busted. This is a must-have in your anonymous arsenal.

Your first-ever step in buying something via any marketplace whatsoever is properly setting-up your digital environment. Following below is a bare standard minimum in order to stay safe when buying personal items. After you are done, make sure you glance at the Security Tutorials section for several additional tips on security.

Tor Browser

To visit the darknet, you will need to visit and download what is known as the Tor Browser Bundle, for your current OS. There are plenty of detailed instructions for installing it on its download webpage, for OS X, Windows, even Debian, too.


PGP is an especially useful method of encrypting/decrypting sensitive messages. It’s not very good of an idea to tell a vendor, your home address without first encrypting it because should the hidden service get seized, LE will have clearly-cut evidence of the crime you have committed.


You’ll need to buy Bitcoin, something you can do with PayPal or credit cards, find a local Bitcoin ATM machine, or order with fiat cash. Whichever way you buy Bitcoin is completely up to your own preference. Regardless, LocalBitcoin is one of the most widely-popular options for a reason: it can be done anonymously. Don’t stay connected Tor while purchasing Bitcoin, because it is totally legal and buying through Tor often becomes a cumbersome ordeal.


Now that you’ve purchased some Bitcoins, you need to store them somewhere. A particularly great choice is the open-source Electrum Wallet. This is also cross-platform and has a downloadable version for Android phones. Go ahead, download it here. Using the Electrum Wallet is quite easily accomplished.


Some beginning tips for new users are laid out, here – some are from personal experiences and others from stories across the web:

Remember to use your biological name because nothing draws more attention than a fake name; however, use a drop system: this is where you employ a chain of houses through where the item travels after having been shipped or a P.O. Box which you can get for almost no money and even a faux name (be sure to have the forged documents to back your case up).

If you do end up deciding to use a faux name, ensure you’ve got real-looking document forgeries to back that up, should a confrontation occur. Fake identification, plus utility-bill scans are sufficient to open up a P.O. box under said faux name.

Be patient when you can, during the majority of the time. Tochka Free Market isn’t Amazon – things do often have totally unexpected delays; vendors usually mark ordered items as shipped immediately upon receiving the notification, even though they only ship the day after then. Weather and holidays can significantly delay otherwise-proper shipping/delivery time. The only time you should rebut an order’s shipment after not arriving is once you have waited, in the least, 14 days after the failed expected delivery, or around when Auto-finalize is almost activated.

Encrypt all you can, including messages you send. It’s worth this small extra effort to avoid penitentiary time.

Should there be any negative experience with a vendor, try to message them, prior to giving a bad review. Chances are that the vendor will go to extreme lengths to make sure you get what you need, and have it all sorted sufficiently. Be as kind and polite as you can; it will move you farther in the process of getting stuff done.

No one should ever know you make purchases on DNMs. This includes not telling your friends or even close family. Anything in the market that looks too great to be true, is, in all probability, a scam.

Tochka offers 7 days escrow system and 2-of-3 multisig. Multisig payments are available for PREMIUM and PREMIUM+ vendors who have filled in their multisig signer wallet public key.

How to make escrow payments

After you found right item click on “Pay via Escrow” button. If you have enough funds on your on-site wallet order will be completed automatically and funds will be withdrawn from your account. Otherwise, you will be presented with one-time escrow wallet on which you will have to deposit funds. You will have 12 hours to fund the payment. If you will fail to fund the payment within 12 hours period payment will be canceled and you’ll need to start over.

How to make multisig payments

Go to your settings/payments page and fill out you multisig signer wallet public key. Once you did it go to the payment page of your item of choice and click “Pay via Multisig” button. When a multisig order is finalized vendor gets a market private key. If an order is canceled then the buyer gets the key.

Quality Control

Tochka Free Market has partnered with DNMAvengers, a forum, and community who are dedicated to reduce harm & spread awareness via testing product suspected of containing adulteration.

This partnership will create a system that makes it very hard for vendors at Tochka Free Market to sell adulterated products without it going unnoticed.

If you suspect you have received an adulterated/wrong substance you can create a report on DNMAvengers forum.

DNMAvengers forum staff will check the report, look for any complaints in the vendor’s reviews, additional members will add anything any info they may have, and then a decision whether or not to test the substance is made.